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Jiddu Krishnamurti, also called Krishnaji, JK, Krishanamurti or simply K is regarded as one of the greatest original philosophical and spiritual figures of the twentieth century. He was also an international lecturer. It is however difficult to categorize and box him in such labels, as non-conformity and freedom from such labels was a hallmark of not only his own life and also of his work.

Jiddu-krishanmurti.com has been started as an appreciation for K’s contributions. We feel that his work is very relevant to humanity and life on the planet in general, and needs to be looked into seriously and diligently. The purpose of our platform is not only to facilitate an exploration, investigation and dialogue’s on the many issues of life and living that confront us, but also educational, by providing free resources to facilitate just that. Jiddu-krishnamurti.com is a complete social platform where you can engage with others in many ways such as starting blogs and discussions, responding to comments, chatting live in the chat room, read from the library etc. The library will be focusing on rare, hard to find and out of print books not only of j.krishnamurti but might include world books from other related subject matters of similar authentic teachers whose integrity is beyond question. Joining and participating in jiddu-krishnamurti.com is completely free.

Jiddu-krishanmurti.com is not associated or affiliated in any way with any of the so called “official” K foundations or centers worldwide. Talks, texts and other activities on commercial basis are provided by Krishnamurti Foundation of America (and the rest of the so called “official” foundations/centers), a business monopolizing and exploiting materials related to Krishnamurti, however Jiddu-krishnamurti.com is free from such influences.

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About J.Krishnamurti in Brief

Jiddu Krishnamurti was born on 11 May 1895 in Madanapalle, a small town in south India. He and his brother were adopted in their youth by Dr Annie Besant, then president of the Theosophical Society. Dr Besant and others proclaimed that Krishnamurti was to be a world teacher whose coming was predicted by the Theosophists. To prepare the world for this coming, a world-wide organization called the Order of the Star in the East was formed and the young Krishnamurti was made its head.

In 1929, however, Krishnamurti renounced the role that he was expected to play, dissolved the Order with its huge following, and returned all the money and property that had been donated for this work. He resigned as figure head of the Theosophists, and cut all ties to any notion of a religious or spiritual organization. At that time he said: “I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect.” He not only refused all connections with any organized religions but denied his own spiritual authority as well. This denial of any kind of psychological authority was a recurrent point in many of his talks. Some other points that he frequently spoke on was freedom from conditioning, from fear, freedom from influences of the different systems of philosophy, religious dogmatism, political ideology, intellectual speculation and cultural bias.

For sixty years or more he traveled the world and spoke spontaneously to large audiences until the end of his body in 1986 at the age of ninety.

Jiddu Krishnamurti
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He had no permanent home, and rejected ties with any country. He accepted no fees for his talks nor any royalty from the sales of books and recordings. When not traveling he would stay in Ojai, California, Brockwood Park, England, and in Chennai, India. Throughout his long life he taught not as an authority, but in a spirit of having a dialogue and as an investigator looking into life’s fundamental issues through questioning all assumptions, and challenging his listeners and participants to do the same. The complete body of Krishnamurti’s work is voluminous and includes transcripts of 60 years of more or less uninterrupted appearances around the world. Here is the link to the Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiddu_Krishnamurti